CHILDCARE! We have it!

Our childcare is very special to us as most of us at Physique Fitness have our own children.  We recognize the importance for our mommas and daddies to have an hour or so to themselves giving them the energy and calmness to be the best parent they can be!



SINGLE CHILD ONE MONTH UNLIMITED -$30 ($20 per each additional child)

SINGLE CHILD ONE YEAR UNLIMITED —$200 ($50 per each additional child)

SINGLE CHILD UNLIMITED AUTO-PAY MEMBERSHIP — $25 ($15 per each additional child)

*Auto-pay membership requires 3 Month Commitment.  Early cancellation fee is $99.  


AGE LIMIT: 6 weeks (with a doctor's release) and up to 12 years old.

Please arrive ten minutes early if you have specific instructions regarding your child.

Please sign your child in with the Childcare Director.

Please take your child to the restroom or change diapers before your class time.

Please refrain from bringing foods containing nuts as other children present may have allergies.

Please be informed that you will be interrupted from class if your child is biting or hitting.

Please do not bring sick children to Physique Fitness.

We have tons of movies, books, games, and infant toys to keep your little ones busy!


Childcare is not available for Physique 5:45 AM Classes and Physique Happy Hour Classes