No dance experience required — this class is for everyone! This class is low impact, high energy, loaded with fantastic music. Long lean muscles are what you will receive by executing Barre Physique movements. Your body will lift and tone as you fatigue the secondary muscle groups. Bring a mat, water, and pretty toes because this class requires no shoes!


How do feel about bouncing on a miniature resistance trampoline? You should be excited. By executing low impact cardio movements on the rebounder, you'll reduce cellulite with a huge smile on your face. This is an upbeat class that will get your heart pumping and your butt burning. We LOVE our sculpting moves and we are positive you will see results! Bring a mat and water! Shoes are optional for this class.


What is Physique Body Boom? This class is tough! Inspired by Izumi Tabata, the cardio and strength intervals will help you blast off the fat! Spike the anaerobic threshold to shed fat fast and tighten skin to the muscle. Music, motivation, and inspiring instructors will get you through this class. Bring a mat and water. Shoes are optional. Go get 'em tiger!


Physique TRX sets itself apart from other TRX classes because we don't stop! TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. Your core will be engaged throughout the entire class! This type of suspension training will bring results quickly. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you are new to TRX. We will familiarize you with adjusting the straps and introduce you to your instructor for the hour. Bring a mat and water! Shoes are recommended but not required.




Beautiful barre — Leave your troubles at the door. Slow, challenging, elongating movements will restore your body and your mind. Dim lights, warm air, and beautiful music will slow down your worries as your body is given time to relieve stress, shrink your waistline and release toxins. Lengthen and tone when you let your body relax into barre poses and movements. This class is becoming a client favorite! No dance or yoga experience required. Bring a mat, water, and pretty toes. No shoes required for Physique Hot Barre!


This is a rhythm and ab combo class! Physique's own style of rhythm and fitness combined.  Burn up to 700 calories in 55 minutes! Sweat and smile! Dance to feel better, stronger, more confident, and healthier! (Oh, watch out for the ab routines! Ouch!)