My fitness journey started right out of high school. I wanted to be an elementary P.E. Coach! I had just started down the college path when an opportunity at modeling took me from Missouri to Los Angeles for a couple of years. While out there I became a certified personal trainer through NCSF. Living in L.A. gave me the chance to experience many different forms of fitness and exercise. I started personal training at a gym and found my niche with training couples. Clients seemed to enjoy the competitive bond that the sessions triggered. I also led an aqua aerobics class, more of a workout than you would think! I loved the focus and effort that people in California put into their health and wellbeing. Once I became pregnant with my first daughter I wanted to be permanently back in Missouri. With motherhood and a life not totally revolving around fitness, I strayed from personal training. It took awhile for me to find my way back to the fitness world. I started attending Physique classes to workout during a stressful time in my life and quickly felt the joy that I had been missing.


Physique Fitness is such a happy and supportive environment. I love how each instructor has their own style and brings a different vibe to each class. While I still do personal training, I love instructing group classes! The more people in a class, the higher the energy. I now have my ACE group fitness certification. I like to create an intense, high energy class where you can leave the outside world behind you, focus on yourself, and work your whole body.