fitness for all

Our doors are open, our music is loud, our smiles are genuine, our classes are strategic, and what we do is real!

The results and relationships that are magically happening at Physique Fitness are life changing!  Some call Physique Fitness their fitness center, their club, their happy place, their fitness family, their church, the best part of their day, the 1st place they come when visiting the area and the last place they want to visit before leaving the area!  We love having each and every one of you!  Take your time and browse through our website features, pictures, and videos!

“From me to you Springfield, MO: I don’t know how to thank you enough. This is so much more than just fitness to me. It’s passion, love, and fear. It’s an art to balance all three. It’s my sanity. I never know what is or has taken place in someone’s life. They walk through the doors of Physique Fitness and they have time all to themselves to fight their battles, or to smile a different kind of smile. They are a part of this time capsule. It’s an honor to be here for you!”  — Darby Brownfield, owner





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